Saturday, November 15, 2008

From Irreverant To Irrelevant On A Rainy Saturday

It's a lousy day to be outside, so I'm rocking it from the home office today. There's a ton of good college football on the television after a mother load of great prep football playoff games last night in metro Detroit.

First, Detroit Southeastern and their Jungaleers seemto have fought the good fight, save for a handful of turnovers in the third quarter, versus regional champion Dearborn Fordson in a 29-18 Tractor win. Lake Orion kicks a 49-yard field goal on the last play after Rick Bye's Stevenson Titans came back from 28 points down last night?Croswell-Lexington also kicked a game-winning field goal versus Clintondale and the Spartans of Livonia Stevenson notched two touchdowns late in the fourth quarter to defeat Plymouth Canton 38-31.

A fabulous Friday of football, except for the idiots who populated's East Michigan Ffootball forum (what's new, right?) with a ton of fake scores for the Lake Orion -Stevenson outcome. Shame on the talentless clowns who did this. I was alerted to it this morning, checked it out myself and have to say, it instantly vindicated every parent, booster club, coach and athletic director who forbids posting on this forum. You cannot trust what you read on M-Live, but we already knew that, right J49?

Do you have a Top Ten I-Pod list? I was thinking about this last night because as an official, you hear all the 'in' music at the local gyms and fields of the high schools, which is one of the reasons I like officiating -- you never lose that hip edge. So, I went through the 140 songs I have listed on my I-Pod and came up with my Top 10 classic rock / hard rock songs. Here goes...

10. Frankenstein by Edgar Winter 9. Rebel Rebel by David Bowie 8. Misty Mountain Hop by Led Zeppelin 7. Power by Rainbow (love the hard riffs from guitarist Ritchie Blackmore!) 6. Rock and Roll, Hoochie Koo by Rick Derringer 5. Thunderstruck by AC/DC (quite possibly the greatest sports anthem ever) 4. Rock and Roll by Led Zeppelin 3. Life During Wartime ("Heard about Houston, heard about Dee-troit, heard about Pittsburgh, PA...") from the Talking Heads 2. Bang Your Head by Quiet Riot 1. Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin.

Can you tell I'm a Led Zeppelin fanatic? I seriously could have replaced any of those three Zep tunes for 10 other Zep tunes and still been in good graces with the world's greatest rock band of all time. There's a monstrous coffee-table book called Whole Lotta Led and it's a must-see, must-read for any serious rock fan or Zeppelin fanatic.

Speaking of music and fanatics, two weeks ago I wrote about the emerging death of the old platform of publishing that we all grew up with in the pre-Internet age. I specifically lamented that Rolling Stone is abandoning it's near-poster sized publication format for a smaller, more eco/cost-friendly format. Then Rolling Stone came out and pronounced Aretha Franklin the greatest rock singer of the rock era.

OK, I take all of that back! Just keep going, going, and be gone, in the words of legendary Yankee shill-man Mel Allen. If Aretha Franklin is the greatest rock singer of all-time, I'm fully qualified to be the Referee in this year's Super Bowl. Maybe it's because I live in metro Detroit and know of the many creditors Franklin has stiffed, of the house she was rumored to have had burned down in toney Bloomfield Hills or the fact that she now looks like former Chicago Bear tackle William "The Refrigerator" Perry, but how can Rolling Stone be taken seriously when it ignores so many other great singers and songwriters and instead selects everyone's favorite Energy Pig this side of Al Gore?

Rolling Stone, you really ain't gettin' any government bailout money now. Being a liberal rag is one thing, but naming Aretha the greatest rock singer? While you're at it, why not put Madonna in the Rock n' Roll Hall-Of-Fame, or put the Rock n' Roll Hall-Of-Fame in Cleveland, or call Cleveland the birthplace of rock music. Christ, what's next? Al Gore really did invent the Internet?

Can't R-E-S-P-E-C-T any of that garbage. Detroit Rock City, baby!

OK, I'm done now. Rock the day!

~ T.C. Cameron is the author of Metro Detroit's High School Basketball Rivalries, due August 2009 from Arcadia Publishing


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